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ITCC's Verbal History Project: Preserving the Legacy of 20+ Year Members

A few years ago, the ITCC Newsletters introduced member profiles, which was a big hit among the community. We would like to continue this tradition by re-starting with the 20+ year members. The Verbal History Project offers an excellent opportunity to preserve the history of the ITCC Club, as recounted by its most devoted members.


Our 20+ year members have incredible stories to share, including their earliest experiences with Irish Terriers, their mentors, most memorable moments, favorite authors and artists, and views on the breed's future. Whether they are show or performance enthusiasts, or simply pet owners, what unites them is their unwavering love for Irish Terriers.


The Verbal History Project is just the beginning of this journey. We invite all 20+ year members to share their stories and insights.


Every year, more members are welcomed into the 20+ Year Club, and we can't wait to hear from them too.

Honoring our 20+ Yr. Members

Mary G. Best                   year joined    1962

Linda F. Wells                  year joined    1985 

Kathleen S. Gabriel      year joined    1985 

Jeffrey J. Gabriel           year joined    1985 

Jerold A. Wells                year joined    1985 

Paul W. Morris                year joined    1986 

Debra R. Rybacki          year joined    1987 

Stephen J. Rybacki      year joined   1987 

William A. Webber        year joined   1989 

Mark Ulrich                       year joined   1991 

Robert E. Lindgren        year joined  1992 

Sharon L. Lindgren        year joined  1992 

John B. Newhauser      year joined  1993 

Robert W. Geddes, Jr  year joined  1996 

Gloria J. Geddes            year joined  1996 

Michael A.Kowalczuk   year joined 1996 

Ian MacDonald               year joined 1996 

Laurie Ulrich                    year joined  1999 

Daniel L. Flynn                 year joined  2000 

Linda M. Honey               year joined   2000 

Debbie L. Constant        year joined  2000

Michael D. Constant      year joined   2000 

Byron S. Beerbower       year joined  2002 

(Mary) Lynn Funk             year joined  2003 

Jeffrey A. Knoles              year joined  2003 

Irma Lou Knoles               year joined   2003 

Paula Dwyer                      year joined   2004 

Gale K. Cummings          year joined   2004 

Charlene K. Czarnecki   year joined   2004 

click the underlined names to read their bios.

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