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Show Chair Responsibilities

Oversee all Committees and follow up to be sure each task is accomplished:

Hotel and Banquet

July mtg. approval of hotel and banquet site and any deposits needed
July - reserve 20 (+-) and establish group rate with hotel mgmt
Set up date and time of Banquet, deposit if necessary and get menu or options for approval at general meeting determine fee to be charged
Reconfirm at least twice with the Hotel and Banquet facility
If consensus is in favor, reserve each facility for the following year’s show weekend with
details to be worked out in the future


Hand in glove with Hotel - hopefully at that site
Work within budget established at Feb. mtg if possible
Determine what is expected hors d'oeuvres or full meal
Based on menu, determine budget at a general meeting
Reconfirm room arrangements at least twice with facility

Premium list

Show Application
Judge Application
Parent Club permission
AKC check
3 copies premium list with ITCC Logo and 2 sets of labels with Breed initials to
GLATC Show chair


Information to newsletter for donations
Confirm amount available
Buy prizes, BOB, BoS, BW, WD, WB, RWD, RWB (usually the same)
Value of prizes should be most for BOB to lowest for RWs
Do not buy Class prizes until you know how many in each class (week before show)
Use general category such as glassware or silver, etc. to put in Premium list.
Also custody and responsibility for challenge trophies, ITCC tablecloth, Ring standards
Supply gratitude gift for the judges


Catalog information to membership for placing ads in catalog, ads and fees to Adv. chair
Cost set by GLATA in January
Donors page at $3.00 per name
Forward checks to Treasurer
Return photos to advertisers at show time


Make sure Judge has accommodations and a way to get to them on arrival
If judge needs transport from the show to his/her room, arrange

Arrange for transport to and from the Banquet 
Confirm that judge has transport to his departure destination


          Send announcement for the ITCC newsletter to appear in the Winter and May issues
           Send announcement for the ITCA newsletter to appear in the Winter and Spring issues

    Hotel Booklet

       To contain Hotel rules for dogs
       To contain Show dates, Superintendents, Judges, Rings and Judging times
       To have directions from the headquarters hotel to the showgrounds
       To have directions to Banquet location
       To have specific information about both Hospitality and the Banquet
       Any other incidentals such as nearby restaurants or shopping……
   Dinner table favors


 Generally something inexpensive but ITCC “labeled.” Under $5.00 
               Pen and notepaper
               Snow Globe
               Address book
               Refrigerator magnet
               Dog treats

   Ways and Means

       Check to see if assistance is needed, budget is set, etc.

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