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President's Responsibilities



Quarterly letters for Newsletters

Prepare agendas for Quarterly Meetings

Review drafts of Newsletters for accuracy

Coordinate Executive Committee Meetings

Determine that a quorum of officers will attend each quarterly meeting at least one week prior to the meeting date


Confirm that Corresponding Secretary has forwarded current rosters and lists of additional ITCA members to the GLATA show chair for Premium list distribution

Determine that Publicity Committee chair has information drafted for local and national
newsletters regarding June Specialty Show and obtain a copy for review prior to submission

Determine that June Specialty advertising will be part of February Newsletter mailing Determine that results of Chicago Winter Specialty Show will be reviewed



Call Executive Committee meeting to appoint a Nominating Committee for the nomination of officers for the coming fiscal year

Make certain final hotel accommodations and annual dinner/hospitality arrangements have been made for June Specialty

Vote on Dinner compensation for judges and guests at Summer Specialty Vote on cost for Summer Specialty Annual Dinner and Hospitality.

Vote on fee for Educational Speaker for Summer Specialty

Vote on Budget allocations for various committees for Summer Specialty
Plan for additional attendees if ITCA Travelling Specialty is with the Summer Specialty weekend


Determine Corresponding Secretary has received Nominating Committee Slate and that mailing will occur timely


Confirm with Corresponding Secretary that no additional nominees have been offered Confirm with Treasurer that dues notice will appear in May Newsletter

Call Executive Committee Meeting to appoint a committee of three for the Judge Selection Committee
Review final arrangements for the Summer Specialty Set September Annual Grooming Clinic date and Host

Consider level of Participation at Winter Specialty show & confirm deadlines

Decide on whether to have supported entry with that weekend and what $ level Determine whether to have dram shop insurance for Hospitality in June

Enlist volunteers for Winter Specialty duties/committees

Attend all events at Summer Specialty

Final follow-up prior to Summer Specialty with Ways and Means

Prepare and deliver pertinent files and information to incoming President


Determine that reports of all Committees from Summer Specialty will be reviewed Coordinate items for Grooming Clinic – RDO, etc.

Fill in Winter Specialty show committees as needed

Review Judge Selection Committee’s report to be presented at meeting


Determine that reminder has been sent regarding Grooming Clinic


Special Education event – Grooming Clinic


Review report of JSC Committee balloting

Confirm Roster distribution

Determine who will do Premium list for Summer Specialty and the deadlines for submission

Establish Show Chair and Sweepstakes judge for Summer Specialty Coordinate Publicity for upcoming shows with ITCA and ITCC newsletters Review dates for trophy solicitation and premium list coordination



Determine that premium list for Summer Specialty has been prepared by review of final
draft and confirm submission



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