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ITCC Judge Selection Ballot Counting Procedure

1.  As ballots are received, the Chair will check the return label and confirm eligibility based on the roster of Members in Good Standing as of July 1 of that year.  If the envelope does not comply with the requirements (late-dated, no return address, not on roster, etc.) It will be kept, unopened, marked as ineligible.

2.  The Chair will open each eligible received envelope and put the blank sealed ballot envelope in receptacle chosen solely for them.  Reserve the opened envelopes with the return addresses, and the roster. (The empty opened envelopes may be alphabetized at this point.)

3.  At least five days after the mailing deadline, the Chair will: 
   A.  Have a list of judges with space to mark each vote.
   B.  Open each blank ballot envelope,  extract the ballot (one per envelope) and mark each                   vote after each judge.  This is an anonymous process as the envelopes are blank and are             in  no particular order.  A vote in any position on the ballot is a vote for that judge.                              Sequence is not considered. The blank ballot envelopes may be discarded.
   C.  When ballots have been tallied, the Chair will keep his tally sheet and eligibility roster.  

 4.  A ballot package containing the following is mailed by the Chair to the second committee                       member:
           All the opened envelopes with the return addresses, and the unopened, ineligible envelopes                   All the ballots 
          The procedure for counting the ballots
          A fresh roster for confirming eligibility  
          A blank judge list for tallying 
          A separate fresh roster, judge tally sheet and counting procedure will be included in the                          mailing for forwarding to the third Committee member.  

5.  The second Committee member will proceed exactly as the Chair did, confirming eligibility against the roster, then tallying the votes on the judge list. The second Committee member will send the marked roster and judge list and tally to the Committee Chair.

6.  The second Committee member will then send the ballot package, with the fresh roster and judge list and procedure, to the third committee member where the same process will be repeated.  
7.  The final count will be completed and all envelopes and ballots and rosters are to be sent to the Committee Chair where the counts will be compared and finalized.

8. If it is convenient and the members are able to gather to conduct the count, the procedure may be adapted to reflect each person’s tally, with eligibility checked once.

9. The Chair will send the results to the Committee, the ITCC President and the ITCC Corresponding Secretary by the date due.


10.  All ballots and lists are to be kept by the Committee Chair until the judging assignment is completed.

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